About OMBi...

Launched in June of 2017, OMB Innovations, LLC (OMBi) is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) located in San Antonio, TX.  The OMBi company mission is to design, develop, and deliver secure and adaptive quality customer-centric solutions.  We openly share industry knowledge and personal toolboxes to create a family-like feeling on all of our projects so we can leverage our strengths and talents.  OMBi ensures our customer mission, vision, and goals are centric to our solutions in order to create what they most desire in a streamlined and iterative fashion.

Our primary core skillsets evolve around execution and program management for custom software development, data sciences, and cybersecurity.  We have experience in a myriad of technology platforms and vendor tools which we leverage to design and developer our customer solutions.  We collectively have delivered solutions for wound mapping battlefield trauma, multiple medical registries to include the first international NATO Trauma Registry (NTR), multi-tiered data visualization products, and office automation and workflow solutions.  OMBi prides itself on customer-centric approaches to solution design and development that keeps the customer’s mission at the heart of our products.

At OMBi, supporting the value of transparency is key with our customers and partners to allow us to continually build trust, collaborate effectively, and deliver high-quality solutions.  We strive to communicate at a level of value for our audiences to ensure everyone present can effectively contribute to the solution regardless of complexity.  It is this foundational level of communication and trust that creates the OMBi family, and permits us to leverage our skillsets collectively to deliver such high quality products and solutions for our customers.