Data Sciences

Each customer’s mission is founded and vested, like many large organizations, in the data that directly supports their operations.  OMBi understands the corporate advantage of successfully collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting data in manners that complement the business processes of organizations.  We have supported multiple client missions through our vast array of experiences with customers to include but not limited to:  Big Data environments for biosurveillance missions with over 28 data feeds from multiple data sources, in-theater battlefield trauma data collection solutions, and, consulting at the Department of Commerce new data science joint venture initiative hosted by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) to help data sharing and collaboration across the many US federal agencies.  OMBi values dedication to innovative data science approaches and solutions that we can deploy to support our customer’s unique missions and help them gain true value from all the data they collect, consume, and analyze.


OMBi data science development efforts support three primary areas of tasks: software and data science development, data algorithms for data analysis processing, and data architecture with regards to developing supporting databases and data models. We will utilize a hybrid development methodology of Agile and Waterfall to permit the customer to be involved in all aspects of design, testing, and content development in incremental and manageable amounts. OMBi has used this methodology for many of its customers: the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC), the Joint Trauma System (JTS), and the NATO Military Medicine Center of Excellence (MILMED COE), ensure the correct product is built with the customer’s mission at the center of design, development, and testing.


At OMBi, we understand and have experience operating in a myriad of data science functions utilizing industry leading techniques and software.  We have extensive experience with both Python and R for standard data science processes, analyses, and advanced techniques like machine learning.  We have experience with many different data formats, collection methods, and processing protocols to include medical data international formats like HL7.


At OMBi, we like to pull the curtain back on the science of data architecture and management by providing our customers valuable information, both quantitative and qualitative metrics, about their data so they can better understand their data content, quality, and performance. Data capture and storage are the building blocks of a good data management plan, but data analytics, data visualization, and report generation are the lifeblood to a customer and their business.  With the science of data architecture and modeling, OMBi takes into consideration the nature of your business and the 

data you will be capturing, storing, and retrieving. We can create data models to ensure we capture all aspects of a business process and store the data effectively to support good analytics, retrieval methods, and segmenting as required. We have worked with all sorts of data genres and storage sizes implementing industry best practices and providing clear and concise documentation during the design and implementation phases. We will be sure you understand how we are capturing, storing, and retrieving your data so that you can maintain and evolve the solution into the future.


We have worked with several database vendor products to include but not limited to SQL databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and other platforms depending on what the solution requires. Different solutions require different levels of scalability, middleware tools, and other features that can be leveraged through different vendor database products.



R - dplyr, data.table, jsonlite, plotly

Python - NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, CherryPy, BioPython, SQLAlchemy, MatPlotLib, SciKit-Learn, Theano, TensorFlow, Scrapy, and Beauitful Soup


Software Packages

R - RStudio, R Shiny, R (standard console)

Python - Spyder, Jupyter (Notebooks too), PyCharm, PyScriptor, Anaconda

Altova XML Suite of Tools

Data Robot

Amelia and Amelia II




NOTE:  OMBi does not endorse nor receive any monetary incentive for any products listed on this page.  We list them to inform customers we have experience with these technologies in support of data sciences.