IT Project Management

As successful practitioners of IT business, it would make sense we have crafted our own style of IT project management at OMBi keeping strong leadership principles at the heart of our management style and transparency with our customers. At OMBi, we don’t just want to build a team for a project, we want to build a family through which we can take pride and ownership of our projects and all associated activities. We value quality, positive work environments, and teamwork to successfully meet our project requirements and ensure our customers are satisfied not only with the final product but also with their relationship with OMB team during the journey of working together.

Our project planning utilizes a phased approach that includes the single-page IT project management plan, traditional project management detailed plans for task tracking and risk management coupled with project dashboards publishable to the customer so that they have full view of the project progress at all times. We embrace clear and frequent communication as key to a successful project management strategy so that the customer always feels knowledgeable of the progress and any foreseeable issues or risks that may arise during the execution of the project.