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The Grant Application and Management Oracle Cloud solution is an advanced cloud-based grant applications submission, scoring, and management product that facilitates the grant calls for the TSNRP staff.  The solution is developed in the Oracle Cloud using their APEX platform.  The current solution is comprised of 6 role-based access-controlled portals based on the primary function of the user group.  Each portal provides the intuitive capabilities to either submit a grant application and all of the required attached documents, review and score a grant application with access to only the assigned grant applications, a portal to submit monthly reports post award, and a portal to manage all aspects of the process including the other portals’ content and access controls.

All attached files are loaded directly into the database tables for security and back-up reasons.  This prevents incidental access from occurring on file servers and/or incidental deletion.  The database is backed-up weekly and is maintained in the Oracle Cloud on a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) for high availability due to the TSNRP customers being world-wide and ranging in ranks from civilians to general officers in the military.






OMBi provided an integrated solution that created an environment that leveraged the cloud support technology as well as the APEX development platform that provided a patient friendly intuitive application while delivering a robust clinician environment for analytics and complex data set generation for export.  With over 80 interfaces, the Camp Lejeune TBI Portal is one of the most robust interactive cloud-based application in use in the Department of Health Affairs (DHA). The application provides a reactive framework that generates a presentation layer that can be used on any device, including mobile, for data collection.  The database architecture and overall design incorporate an audit trail for all data entry and interface activity to ensure traceable data entry activities.  The data analytics provide both a static and dynamic data presentation capabilities for users that permit data set downloads in a multitude of formats.  The portal provides data segmentation for commercial, academic, and military data as well as specific scope analytics capabilities to protect the application from data leakage, incidental access, and other HIPAA-related issues.  

The portal is a role-based user experience that provides a tailored experience with role-specific menus, data access, as well as business process model specific dashboards to ensure work streamlining and stronger adherence to patient interaction policies to provide the best patient care possible.  It also provides national and organizational-specific tailored reports for direct submission to regulatory agencies for compliance as well as collaborative work initiatives.


DoD Web Applications

OMBi provided code-hardening services to remedy vulnerabilities discovered by US-CERT Region II - FT Huachuca AZ in two web applications utilized by public users on on a DoD website.  Two separate web applications were initially shut-down for public use until the code base remedies were in place and the applications were successful in passing the US-CERT vulnerability scans.  OMBi utilized guidance from the US-CERT teams, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) consortium, and industry best practices to not only fix but to also further enhance the website security features to protect both users and application and database servers supporting the web applications.


OMBi provided the USDA NIFA organization with cyber security services in support of assessment and migration of antiquated Oracle web-based JAVA applications into a compliant platform and secured state for continued world-wide consumption by their community of users. We ensured all applications were hardened as prescribed by both US-CERT teams and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) community. We developed the cyber security plan foundationally in accordance with NIST SP 800-18 Rev 1 (and all subsequently identified special publications and other organizational cyber security policies) aligned with the application NIST FIPS 199 information system classification. OMBi ensured their successful migration, platform upgrade, and code-base update would provide them a compliant and current web application posture to operate safely and securely in compliance with US Federal and NIST cyber security policies and directives.



OMBi designed and developed the first international trauma data registry for the NATO MILMED COE.  This multi-national data storage environment is being utilized for detecting and studying data trends that could discover international medical practice process differences and permit them to be debated and tested for international medical practice improvement.  The registry was used in the conflict in Afghanistan and successfully collected data that was packaged and sent to the hub registry application in the host nation for ingestion.  The NTR was built for intermittent communications support and can send data files between other NTR applications for data sharing.  


OMBi developed a graphical user interface for objectively mapping wounds on a human body for trauma data collection in theater at the lower echelons of care.  The data entry interface can store entry and exit per wound, calculate total burn surface, and amputations as well as tourniquets utilized on limbs.  The analytics interface permits an overlay of location count by multiple filter types and collected data point attributes. The analytical aspects were a first of its kind used in the conflicts and, subsequently, OMBi was awarded intellectual property rights from the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command for their innovative product.



OMBi has developed complex medical data models and database architectures permitting both raw data and imagery data storage and linkage through meta data tags.  Through our normalized and tagged architectures, we can leverage multiple data types and sources and create an environment for true data modeling and valuable metrics.

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